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Industry Updates
Industry Updates
2/2023 Benefit Breakdown
2023 ACA Reporting Deadlines
2023 Attract and Retain Article
2023 Employee Benefits Market Outlook
2023 FSA Limit Increase
2023 HR Compliance Calendar
2023-2024 Davevic ICHRA Solution
2024 ACA Penalties
2024 Open Enrollment Checklist
234979 HSA HDHP Limits Will Increase for 2024
5 Employment Policies to Review in 2023
6 Key Employee Benefit Trends for 2023
6.14.23 Digest
6.28.23 HR Digest
ACA Pay or Play 2023
ACA Penalties Increased for 2023
Acrisure Davevic PC
Benefits Breakdown - March 2023
Benefits Toolkit - Employer_s Guide to HSAs, FSAs and HRAs
Benefits Weekly Digest 5.25.2023.pdf
Benefits Weekly Digest 7.19.23.pdf
Benefits Weekly Digest 8.01.2023
Compiance App - Small Group
Compliance Digest 5.9.23
Compliance Weekly Digest 4.25.23
Cyber and EPLI
Davevic - Acrisure Partnership
Davevic - ICHRA
Davevic Ancillary Flyer
Davevic Digest 7.11.2023
Davevic P&C
Davevic TPA Services
Digest 6.7.2023
EE Navigator Small Group Marketing.pdf
Employee Benefit Plan Limits for 2023
Employer Cheat Sheet for HSA, HRA, FSA
Employer Record Retention Policy
Establishing Workplace Policies on Artificial Intelligence
HR Brief -3.2023
HR Digest 5.17.23
HR Digest 5.31.2023
HRA Weekly Digest 8.8.2023
HSA Information
HSA Limits Increased for 2023
ICHRA Compliance
Is Level Funding Right For You?
Legal Update - ACA Penalties 2024
Level Funding?
March 2023 Small Business Bulletin
Medicare Premium Reimbursement Arrangement
Medicare Secondary Payer
Pay or Play 2024
Preventive Care Toolkit
Self Funded Tool Kit

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