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Choosing an affordable insurance plan is not as easy as it once was. There seem to be so many different options available and it can be overwhelming trying to decide where to begin.

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What is Medicare?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program that is available to U.S. Citizens or someone lawfully present in the United States:

• At age 65
• After receiving Social Security Disability for two years
• To someone that has end stage renal disease

Medicare has Four Basic Parts:

• Medicare Part A (Federal) - Hospitalization - As long as you or your spouse worked for 10 years or 40 quarters and paid Medicare taxes, you will not have a premium for Part A.
• Medicare Part B (Federal) - Outpatient Medical - This does have a monthly premium which is deducted from your social security check, For 2023, the amount is $164.90 per month. However, if your income exceeded $97,000 (single) or $194,000 (joint return) from two years prior to your Medicare effective date, your Part B premium may be higher.
• Medicare Part C (Private Health Insurance) - Medicare Advantage - These are offered to provide lower out of pocket costs for medical services and most also include prescription coverage.
• Medicare Part D (Private Health Insurance) - Prescription - These prescription plans can be offered as a standalone plan or included in Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare itself does not provide prescription drug coverage.
>For more information regarding Medicare Premium Income Adjustments, please click here.
Types of Medicare Plans

As a broker, we work with many insurance companies with a variety of solutions for your coverage; such as Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplements, and Part D prescription plans.

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