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Group Coverage

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Wellness Program
Davevic has partnered with Healthkeys to help employers manage the Health Risk within their populations. We accomplish this by integrating outcomes based incentives, health management support and time tested risk management techniques to provide measurable improvement in specific risk categories. Our modular approach allows us to provide just the right amount of service for any employer.

How does this wellness program work?

Biometric screenings Any risk management program requires consistent verifiable data to identify risk and achieve measurable results. We use annual biometric screenings to provide us with that data.
  • • HealthKeys has contracted with national and local vendors to provide employers with the best possible screening solution.

  • • We manage the entire process, from vendor selection to data analytics, minimizing the impact on your HR Department.

  • • Integrating the results with your claims information creates unique actionable data that we support.

  • • Just want screenings to get started? We will manage the process for you!

Outcome Based Incentives Our proprietary software allows us to connect the results (outcomes) of the biometric screenings, with a customized incentive program. This is a key step in creating the employee accountability necessary to obtain positive measurable results.
  • • By using outcomes based incentives, HealthKeys takes the guesswork out of measuring results.

  • • Program efficacy is measured by achieving verifiable improvements in screening results.

  • • We keep it fair for participants. We normally use easy to obtain relaxed standards, and participants achieve incentives with even the smallest improvement in their result.

  • • Incentives typically apply to the following screening results: Body Mass Index, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, and Tobacco use.

  • • The following additional three risk categories, related to the individual screening results, are also supported and measured: Co-morbid Conditions, Metabolic Syndrome, and Medication Adherence. This broad risk management approach supports the biggest impact on claims.

  • • Our Outcomes Based Platform is also a stand-alone product. We can easily integrate with your existing wellness programs.

Telephonic Coaching Fully integrated within our product is unlimited telephonic coaching.
  • • Our nurse coaches reach out to 100% of the population. Risk triage is accomplished by using our Risk Stratification Report, as well as data from the other risk categories that we manage.

  • • Encrypted Informational emails are sent to participants with specific risk profiles.

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